a victory of love fy
about a heart cs
afternoons in utopia aiu
ain't it strange p
airport sketch ds
all in the golden afternoon p
and as for love cs
and i wonder slc
anyway tbb
apollo p
ariana tbb
ascension day p
astral body ds
beautiful girl ds
because of you ds
beethoven p
big in japan fy
big yello sun ds
bitch ds
blauer engel ds
burning wheels ds
c me thru cs
carol masters aiu
caroline u
carry your flag cs
change the world u
colours (instrumental)ds
control s
cosmopolitician u
crazyshow cs
dance with me aiu
danger in your paradise u
dangerous places s
days full of wonder ds
diamonds are 4 eva cs
do the strand cs
dream machine intro ds
duel ds
elegy ds
elevator ds
euphoria p
faith p
fallen angel fy
fantastic dream aiu
feathers and tar u
first monday in the y3k cs
five years u
flags/like thunder ds
flame s
fools p
for a million tbb
for the sake of love u
forever young fy
giants cs
girl from pachacamac cs
golden feeling ds
guardian angel s
headlines ds
heart of the flower slc
heartbreaker cs
heaven or hell tbb
here by your side ds
highschool confidential ds
hurricane cs
i.a.o. aiu
if the audience was listening ds
imperial youth (instrumental) ds
in bubblegum ds
in the mood fy
inside out s
into the dark ds
iron gate (instrumental) ds
iron john p
ivory tower p
jerusalem aiu
joyride ds
kinetic ds
lady bright - faster than light aiu
lassie come home aiu
last summer on earth cs
leben ohne ende ds
legend ds
lies fy
20000 lieues sous les mers ds
life is king ds
middle of the riddle tbb
miracle healing cs
missionary u
monkey in the moon s
montego bay ds
moonboy cs
moongirl cs
my brothers in china (instrumental) ds
mysterion ds
new horizons s
next generation ds
nostradamus ds
oh patti p
on the beach cs
one step behind you slc
pandora's lullaby s
parade p
patricia's park tbb
peace on earth slc
point of know return s
recycling ds
red rose aiu
return to paradise part cs
roll away the stone slc
romance ds
romeos tbb
say it ain't so, joe u
script of a dead poet ds
scum of the earth cs
seeds ds
sensations aiu
shadows she said cs
she fades away tbb
ship of fools cs
sirens slc
sister sun ds
some people p
something cs
soul messiah s
soulman u
sounds like a melody fy
spirit of the age s
state of dreams cs
still falls the rain cs
stranger than dreams cs
summer in berlin fy
summer rain tbb
sweet needles of success slc
20th century aiu
that's all (instrumental) ds
the end ds
the ii girlz cs
the impossible dream p
the jet set fy
the mysteries of love tbb
the one thing p
the opium den cs
the other side of u ds
the paradigm shift p
the shape of things to come slc
the voyager aiu
those were the days ds
those wonderful things cs
thunder & lightning ds
to germany with love fy
to the underworld ds
today slc
tomorrow (instrumental) ds
traumtänzer ds
twelve years ds
underworld ds
universal daddy aiu
upside down cs
waiting 4 the nu lite cs
wake up! ds
waves ds
ways cs
welcome to the sun ds
whales ds
what is love? slc
wishful thinking s
wonderboy cs
zoo cs

aus den Albem:
aiu Afternoons in Utopia cs Crazy Show ds Dreamscapes fy Forever young s Salvation slc So Long Celeste p Prostitute u United tbb The Breathtaking Blue